Winifred Gibson Strickland, your instructor, is one of the world's premier dog trainers. She has earned 214 Obedience titles including 40 perfect scores and over 1700 awards. Owner of the celebrated Wynthea Kennels that has been home to 22 German Shepherd breed Champions and 7 Obedience Trial Champions. She was an AKC Obedience judge for 18 years, director of the GSDCA, and member of the SV. USA and WDA. She is also the author of Expert Obedience Training for Dogs, Joll and Me, The German Shepherd Today, and The Trainer's Manual. She has trained thousands of dogs in her Obedience classes and clinics.

Wynn conceived her own unique method of dog training. She motivates all her trainees by establishing immediate rapport with them. She brings out the best in each dog and makes it eager to please. She encourages teamwork, a quality necessary to win high scores. She uses kindness, compassion, and correct timing to "read" her dogs and those of others. By following her entire training method one can train and show his dog in the shortest possible time, and win top awards doing it. Her training technique flows smoothly from one level of training to the next, without losing a beat. This method applies to all breeds of dogs. Wynn believes in appealing to a dog's finer instincts and encourages it to work for praise.

Wynn Strickland's Obedience Training Videos
These 3 Obedience videos are considered the finest in the country.


Tape 1: For Beginner's and Novice handlers

This Training Video is completely spontaneous and entirely unrehearsed. Observe how Wynn controls and trains these untrained dogs. This method works wonders for all Beginners and all breeds of dogs.

Tape 2: Make a smooth transition from Novice to Open off leash, jumping, retrieving

This tape illustrates precision training using natural motivation. It helps you avoid problems in all the exercises including Drop on Recall, Jumping, Retrieving and much more. It will help you "read" your dog correctly. Learn how to prepare for Open (CDX) competition.

Tape 3: Utility exercises made easy, with excellent tips

The transition from Open will make Utility work easy. This tape covers problems and solutions for all exercises. Learn how to understand your dog and avoid confusing him. As you encourage your to dog to learn, expect normal mistakes, but quickly show him the correct method. Learn how to prepare for Utility (UD) competition.