Winifred Gibson Strickland, is one of the world's premier dog trainers. She has earned 214 Obedience titles including 40 perfect scores and over 1500 awards. Owner of the celebrated Wynthea Kennels that has been home to 26 German Shepherd breed Champions and 7 Obedience Trial Champions. She was an AKC Obedience judge for 18 years, director of the GSDCA, and member of the SV. USA and WDA. She is also the author of Expert Obedience Training for Dogs, Joll and Me, The German Shepherd Today, and The Trainer's Manual. She has trained thousands of dogs in her Obedience classes and clinics.


3rd Revised Edition

After Wynn spent a full year of research in the USA and Germany, this NEW edition is now on the market It is acclaimed as the most respected book on the German Shepherd breed in the English language.
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(2003) 4th Revised Edition

Complete with over 150 photographs and easy-to-follow instruction, Expert Obedience Training for Dogs covers all aspects of training and competition, from choosing a puppy to housebreaking through all the phases of formal training needed to expertly handle a dog in Obedience Trials.Strickland demonstrates how to communicate with your dog, and her humane approach to dog training applies to all breeds of dogs, large and small. Instructions are included for the Novice, Open, and Utility exercises, in addition to Tracking -- with helpful tips to make training highly rewarding for both handler and dog.
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(1994) JOLL AND ME

A fascinating true story about the way dogs are able to reason, solve problems and cope with impossible situations.It substantiates the author's theory that dogs can learn to think, if early in life they receive proper guidance, much the same as children.As the author relates her many heartwarming adventures with Joll and his friends, she transports us there, if only in spirit.