Georg - won his UDX and OTCH points BEFORE he was two years old.

Georg Time passed and Wynn wanted to introduce some new German blood into her kennel. She purchased Dbl.Sgrn HGH Gerta vom Kirschental, SchH1, a daughter of Sgr.Ulk v Arlett, SchH3. She bred her in Germany to 1997 and 1999 V1 Pitt von Tronje, SchH3. Gerta had six puppies and Wynn kept one male and 3 females. She named them after the von Trapp children in The Sound of Music. She started training Georg and his sisters just before they were 4 months of age. Georg won his CD at 10 months and his CDX at 11 months. Then, at a large all-breed show he won his UD at 16 months. His sister Liesl, won her CD that same day with 198 points and Highest Score in Show. By winning those two titles Wynn earned her 200th Obedience title. Several months later sister Gretl won her CDX in 3 straight shows.